Matheran Endurathon 

See you all in April for Summer Edition and
in September for Monsoon Edition!

Welcome to Matheran Endurathon! one of the most happening and adventurous run. Last marathon we broke all barriers and had probably one of the best experiences we have ever had with the Monsoon marathon challenge! Let us run in the dense tree cover of Matheran. The only place where vehicles are not allowed. It is free of noxious pollutants. You can use the 10K timing certificate to qualify for other races. Race is under the aegis of Raigad District Athletic Association! 

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"It's supposed to be HARD... the hard is what makes it GREAT."


Race Details

This Marathon will be organized as per the existing safety rules and regulations imposed by the state, civic and police authorities. The marathon will be undertaken in safe conditions because we know the pandemic still exists. The marathon will comprise of various following distance categories, viz. 5 Kms, 10 Kms, 25 Kms, 35 Kms & 50 Kms.

Matheran Endurathon - 10th Oct 2021 :
Run Distance -5 Kms, 10 Kms, 25 Kms, 35 Kms (First Loop of 25 Kms & Second loop of 10 Kms) & 50 Kms (25km Route x 2).
Cut Off time: 25 Kms - 3 Hrs 30 mins, 37.5 Kms - 5Hrs 30 mins,  
50 Kms - 7Hrs 30 Mins 

About the route -
Matheran endurathon route is challenging beacause it is a complete trail route. On a tar or cement road you get a bounce that will be missing on trail. Good news is the route has nice tree cover on most of the route and no vehicles. You will run through most of Matheran.On route in few sections loose stones and uneven surface so runners needs to be more alert and careful. Some places pathway work is going on - NOT SUITABLE FOR BAREFOOT RUNNING.
It's a 12.5 km route, we almost do Parikrama of Matheran Hill top.
For 5, 10 & 25 km it's an out back route.
For 50 km, it's a 2 loop of 25 km and for 35 km, it's 1 loop of 25 km and one 10 km loop in the end.

About Weather -
At the start time the temperature is supposed to be at 22 centigrade and when the 50 Km runners are finishing the temperature will be close to 31 centigrade.

About on route hydration points -
Water stations are about 2 Km away. Water stations will have energy drinks, water, bananas, boiled potatoes, biscuits, oranges, peanuts, chikki, and other such stuff. All this stuff is hidden from monkeys so you may have to ask for them.
Breakfast will be available at Finish point /25 km point from 7:30 AM to 10:00 AM.
Lunch for 50 Km runners from noon to 3:30 PM

Happy Trail Running ! 
Leave the roads, take the trails!

Rules and Regulations :


The event participation has been limited, for only Runners who have taken both dose of vaccination.


All necessary COVID norms will be followed.


All Flag-offs will be Staggered.


We request all participants to follow Covid Protocols & maintan social distance.


Time: 11:00 am to 5:00 pm on 9th Oct 2021
at Venue -Start/Finish point.
ASHOK HOTEL, Chinoy Road, Near Pay Master Park, Matheran, Maharashtra
[No bib distribution after 5:00 pm and on race day]  


ASHOK HOTEL, Chinoy Road, Near Pay Master Park, Matheran, Maharashtra


10th Oct 2021 
50 & 35 Kms - 6:00 am [May delay by 5-10 mins if visibility is low]
10 Kms - 6:10 am
25 Kms - 6:30 am [Entry at Venue only after 6.15 am]
5 Kms - 6:45 am [Entry at Venue only after 6.30 am ]


Route map 5 KM


Route map 10 KM

Matheran Endurathon
2018 - After Movie


Winners, runners-up and third place finishers will get the top honours in their respective categories.

50 Kms (25km Route x 2)
35 Kms (First Loop of 25 Kms & Second loop of 10 Kms)
25 Kms
10 Kms
5 Kms 

For 50 Kms & 35 Kms Cost Includes: Dry-fit T-shirt, Timing Chip, On Route Hydration & Support, Finisher Medal, Breakfast, Lunch, and an Event Experience.

For 25 Kms, 10Kms & 5 Kms Cost Includes: Dry-fit T-shirt, Timing Chip, On Route Hydration & Support,Finisher Medal, Breakfast, and an Event Experience.

On 9th Oct 2021 at Race Venue - start/finish point - Ashok Hotel, near paymaster park, Matheran
Time - 11:30am to 5:30pm [ No bib distribution after 5.30 pm]
Note : No Bib distribution on Race Day too. No participation with out the bib
If some one else is collecting then that person should carry your written authorization with a copy of your ID proof signed by you. WhatsApp copy is acceptable. You will get an SMS with your bib number,pass it to your friend.

For Reaching Matheran you need to take a Taxi from Neral Station to Dasturi
Naka (Matheran Parking Zone) .Sharing van trip to till Dasturi Naka takes about 45 minutes only and cost per person is Rs. 80/-

Beyond Dasturi Naka, it is a vehicle free zone. So if you are coming by car/taxi, there is a Paid parking lot at Dasturi Naka. You can reach the start point walking(2 KM around 30 mins). You are strongly advised to reach before sunset as it gets very dark.

If you are looking only for a short ride on the toy train then you can take the van up to Dasturi then 5 mins walk up to Aman Lodge station and then take the toy train, the timings are: 7:05 7:55, 8:45, 10:45, 12;00, 14:05, 15:40, 17:45. Advance booking is recommended.

From Matheran station, it's 10 mins uphill walk. Hotel Ashok is near Pay Master park, entry road is from Diwadkar Hotel. Once you enter the Paymaster Park, follow the signboards to Ashok Hotel.
Still not book stay?
(Pls note Matheran hill station is vehicle free zone so commuting on the top is only by foot, we advised to choose nearest hotels. We have done few pre bookings of hotels nearer to Start/Finish point.
Please call Megha: 9372846475 for more details.


My Best Run so far MATHERAN ENDUROTHON 2016 in July 2016 Fortunately our cottage was near the start line...The pouring rains greeted us since morning and it kept on hitting us intermittently... Running on trails and on slippery , muddy and stones with water logging was a great challenge... Running on a virgin trail with zero pollution was a bliss...The challenging ups and downs threw another challenges under torrential rains ...It was a lifetime experience.

The race anything but easy. Soft mud & slushy tracks, gravel and plains, under the dense tree cover to running in the heavy rain and most of all running uphill. Kudos to our 2 #rockstars Murli Pillai who did 50k and Harish Kshirsagar who completed ! timing doesnt matter its the finish that does. Proud of you guys :-)

Who wouldn't love to run on this beautiful trail. Misty mountains, streams,and a lovely drizzle. It was a tough race, but the nature made us forget that it was tough. With visibility less that 40mtrs due to mist, it felt as if we are running in the clouds.



How to Reach

Ashok Hotel,Chinoy Road, Near Pay Master Park, Matheran, Maharashtra 410102
Pune : Bus from Hotel Vaishali,
FC road, at 10am on 9th Oct,returns at 3 pm,on 10th Oct 2021.
Mumbai: Bus from Chitra cinema dadar east at 10 am on 9th Oct,returns at 3 pm on 10th Oct 2021


Email :
Phone : +91 9370015930/
 +91 9372846475
For Stay & Transport Contact:
Call +91 9372846475