Ultra Runner - Breeze Sharma

Most of us often dream of achieving some thing big in our lifetime. Many people train relentlessly to go the extra mile even literally during the runs. Quite few become successful at doing well with their training,hard work, sponsors, friends and family too. With every milestone conquered a person can only dream further to achieve more than before. When you want to always outdo yourself in every sphere of life, you focus on the way forward alone ... This is the story of doing the world's toughest ultra races around the world in toughest terrains. No introduction is required for the Indian Navy's 1st defense civilian to summit Mount Everest and India's finest Badass ultrarunner Breeze Sharma. Breeze has been doing everything Extreme from the very beginning. He loves challenges and that's what gives him the high he says. In 2014,he became the solo Indian runner to complete the 335km Himalayan crossing footrace, to running Badwater 135 miles from lowest point of USA below sea level of Death Valley California up to My Whitney the highest peak there .. Running wild on the ancient historic route with the world's best Ultra runners in Mt Gaoligong ultra to reaching Brazil... This man is on a mission... Very much possible by him alone. 
Breeze is a regular at all of our runbuddies events and has been the reason why we started our longest ultra distance in Pune of Western Ghats Ultra 100mile race. 

Sharing details of his past records as given by him. My achievements in ultra running so far are as follows : 1. Second athlete in the world to run toughest ultra marathon on the planet i.e Badwater 135 miles and to summit Mt Everest. Info released by Adventure Corps U.S.A  2. First Defence Civilian in all three Armed Forces of the country to summit Mt Everest, also Second summitter of Mt Everest after 52 years from Indian Navy.  3. Second and Fastest Indian to finish World's Toughest Ultra Marathon Badwater 135 miles in July 16 in 40hrs 47 mins. 4. Asian record for running on Treadmill for 24 Hours, clocking a distance of 196.64 kms in the process. This event was organised by Jaipur Marathon, January 2015. This achievement has been recognised by the Limca Book India of Records. 5. Broke Asian record for running on Treadmill for 24 Hours, clocking a distance of 202.5 kms in the process. This event was organised by Jaipur Marathon, January 2017. This achievement has been recognised by the Limca Book India of Records. 6. Limca book of India record for running 335 km, at an altitude of above 12000 feet, in July 2014, at the Globeracers Himalayan Crossing race.It was a multistage race, crossed Kunjum Pass at 14450 feet and finishing at Rohtang Pass 13050 feet, Finished the race in cumulative time of 55hrs and 45 mins 7. Winner of Run of Kutch 100 mile race in Feb 2015, finished in 28 hours, 55 minutes. 8. Winner of Western Ghats 100 mile race in Dec 2015, finished in 27 hours and 20 minutes. 9. Winner of Run the Rann 100 mile in Feb 2016, finished in 33 hours and 28 minutes. 10.

First runner up in Run of Kutch 100 Mile in Mar 2014, completed in 35 hours and 56 minutes 11. Finisher of Craze Ultra Marathon 100mile (Singapore) in 31hr55mins,in Sept 2016  12. Finisher of Mt Gaoligong Ultra Marathon 100 mile(China),with 29000ft up and 26000ft down elevation in 35hr56mins,in Nov 2016. 13. Second Runner up in Western Ghat Ultra Marathon (Pune) in Dec 2016. 14. Finisher of Run the Rann 100mile in Feb 17 in 31hr 35 mins. 15. Second runner up in Bangalore Ultra where he clocked 162 kms in 24 hours, in November 2014.  16. 36 hrs stadium run Bengaluru clocking 204.8km in Aug 2016. 17. 48 hr Stadium Run in Bengaluru clocking 162km on 30July 2017 18. 24 hour Bangalore stadium Run, clocking 139.8 km in Aug 2015 19. Nigiri Ultra 100 km run in Dec 2013, in 15 hours and 25 minutes 20. Nilgiri Ultra 100 km run in Dec 2014 in 14hr 20mins 21. 12 hour Bangalore Stadium Run, clocking 92.8 km in Aug 2014 22. 12 hr stadium run Mumbai clocking 79.2km in 2016 23. 12 hr Pune Midnight Run ,Winner, clocking 98km in Sept 2016. 24. 12 hr Ahmedabad Carnival Run clocking 72km in Sept 2016. 25. 12 hr Goa Beach Run 80km in Dec 2016. 26. First runner up at the Shimla Ultra 80 km in June 2014 27. Second runner up at Bhatti Lakes 80 km in Oct 2013. My journey of ultra running started with this race 28. Khardungla Ultra in Ladakh, world's second highest ultra in Sept 2014, completed in 12 hrs 51 mins .

My mountaineering achievements so far : Mount Everest avalanche survivor, April 2015 I am primarily a mountaineer and have been climbing mountains since the last 22 years. I was to summit Mount Everest and Mount Lothse last year, which would have made me the first Indian to summit both the peaks in single attempt. But a massive avalanche struck and all the expeditioners had to return back. I have climbed Mt Nandakot (20100 ft) in 1997 Mt Bhanoti (19300 ft) in 2001 Mt Thajiwas (18100 ft) in 2003 Mt Friendship (18400 ft) in 2004 Mt Sitidhar (17600ft) in 2005 Mt Chamser Kangri (22000ft) in 2006 Mt Laungser Kangri (22200 ft) in 2007 Mt Deotibba (19900 ft) in 2009 Mt Boljuri (19500 ft) in 2010 Mt Priyadarshani (16100 ft) in 2011 Mt Shoulder (20200ft) in 2012 Mt Kangtatse (21184 ft) in 2013. So far 27 Marathons with PB 3hr 56 mins, 24 Half Marathons with PB 1hr 42 mins. This February , Breeze will be running yet another 135miles pounding the trails in Brazil Ultra. One of his crew member is Arvind Bijwe who has previously crewed in the same race and hence his experience is an added bonus for the #TeamBreeze. Dr Rodney who himself is a Brazil135 ultra veteran is part of the crew team. 

About the Brazil135 Ultramarathon Race : The 60 hours limit, the Brazil 135, held in the Serra da mantequeira mountains in the state of Minas Gerais, is considered the most difficult foot race in Brazil. The 135-mile race is run on the hardest segment of the Caminho da F (Path of Faith), the most difficult Brazilian pilgrimage path. The course boasts about 30,000 feet of cumulative ascent and 28,000 of cumulative decent. With only ten flat miles in the race, by the finish line the runner will have completed a course that is analogous to climbing up and down Mt. Everest. The competitors need to supply their own support crew. Completion of the race in 48 hours earns you the coveted “Belt Buckle”, an ultramarathon runners most priced possession of the race and something that gives them bragging rights.   Here's wishing the Badass ultrarunner of India all the best to finish strong and keep flying higher... Just like a Wavin flag!